Ritualists In Uganda Apprehended With ROASTED BABIES [Photos]

You must think you have seen it all, no love, you haven’t! This is more than a ‘shook’, asin it passed the word ‘shook’, you know when you use ‘shook’ instead of shocked? It just means the matter pass you, brethren, this one is ‘SHOOK’ O, ‘shook’ in capital letters. How do some people even breathe, who raised them? Ha! Devil indeed lives on earth, mba he isn’t in Heaven at all.

So a lady whose boyfriend was one of the men apprehended by police for roasting babies for ritual purposes, alerted the officers when their one month old baby went missing. Officers came to their house, made a search and boom, roasted innocent babies were seen in his care. A shocked twitter user @solomonkibs73, who witnessed this, informed the world saying;

”Men caught with dried babies Wrapped with different clothes And ropes. All you are seeing here on the floor are dried babies, his girlfriend leads the police to his arrest when their one month old baby suddenly got missing”.

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