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This is a long overdue article as I have waited years after years to know exactly how to approach this question.

Growing up in a hood where Cultism and the abuse of drugs was the order of the day, I witnessed the rise of many crimes and criminals ranging from thugs (who started off as street thugs and eventually grew into becoming political thugs); to cultists who grew to become robbers and more. Well.. that’s not what we are here to talk about right now tho, but someday we will take a look at that. Most of these “Criminals” became lured and initiated into a “soft work” which would later become the standard with which lives of striving youths in Nigeria would be measured.

In the early 2000s we had street brothers who became “Yahoo boys” from their constant “persistent” visit to “cyber cafes” how that happened I can’t explain, all I know is that they started making money and people started hailing them.

I used to be a fan of their way of life, I mean their extravagant lifestyle was amusing, till reality dawned on me when I lost my cousin who himself was a “yahoo boy“. Dude was murdered in cold blood by his fellow “hustlers” as they call themselves. The news was that he received a huge sum through one of those guys (his killers) who were till the night of his murder his partners. Many of these cases happened and trended a lot in those days, you know we hear those stories all the time, stuffs like:

(that guy dey hot o, he bought a car last week, Naso him guys poison am)

Gradually those stories died down and an era of the Gee guys started. These one were smoking hot! Like a guy of twenty two years buying a Lexus jeep and a Benz C class on the same day like $1 is equal #1 already. Soon we started hearing their gists too…

“Omo na ritual o!”

These guys are willing to go any length to make this money, all these are ready known and established facts.

Now let’s talk about the main question: is CYBER CRIME “yahoo yahoo” a Cankerworm or a saving grace?

The best answer to this is that Crime is Crime and all criminals should be made to face the full wrath of the law “if and when” caught, our politicians who are the lead criminals shouldn’t be spared of course, they to an extent are the major cause of our predicament as a nation.

The bitter truth is I can’t talk someone out of going to learn “yahoo yahoo” if such a person has no other option for survival. You may have opposing views, it doesn’t change the fact that the truth must be said..

“He’s better as a criminal with a laptop than one with a gun”

Lets be realistic at this point, this “Yahoo Yahoo” concept has driven many away from deadlier crimes and as such reduced the rates at which those Crimes are committed these days.

Internet Fraud remains a crime, no matter what it is tagged and how it is packaged but what is annoying is the rate at which these acts are glorified in this country by men and women of substance (renowned and respected celebrities mostly), people who are supposed to speak light into people’s minds are the same ones corrupting those minds. As much as I would love to sight examples in this article I won’t. The only body I will point a finger at is the EFCC. They work day and night to glorify this Crime instead of curbing it like they should. The reason why I tagged them is because they can pretend as much as they like but almost all Nigerians of this generation knows the Names of the A-List “G-boys” I mean their names are being mentioned in songs like on a daily basis but yet we don’t hear or read about our powerful EFCC hunting them down.

Finally, until we all come to see “Yahoo Yahoo” as what it really is “A Cankerwormeating up our economy and the lives of the youth” which has been hyped and glorified as a saving grace only then will our eyes be opened to the greatness attached to the internet and the beauty of Legit hustle.

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  1. You’ve said it all, crime na crime. It’s just heartbreaking and disheartening how EFCC handle things in this country,may God help our nation.

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