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Have you ever wondered why you wake up daily with lots of ideas to explore, lots of places to visit and lots of fun things to do, but once the opportunities to express yourself opens up you fret?

Its nothing else but ‘LOW SELF ESTEEM’.

Low self esteem is a cankerworm that gradually eats away your pride, your confidence and most especially your strength. It devours your ability to transform what you have in your head into reasonable reality.

Low self esteem makes you feel you are not enough, it makes you think you are not good enough, it makes you feel like you really don’t matter, it triggers feelings of insecurity even when you are with people who would give everything to keep you.

When I was younger I saw this as a normal thing but gradually as I grew older I realized that quite a lot of factors are actually responsible for it.

YOUR FAMILY :- Who you are right now to a great extent depends on who your parents built you to be.

‘If your mother used to buy Christmas cloths for you when you were young till you become a teenager there’s a very possibility of you having problems selecting your own cloths afterwards’.

This might not be applicable to you but there is definitely something your parents planted in you that makes you do what you do now how you do it.

YOUR ENVIRONMENT:- It would be suicidal to think the environment of your birth or the one you live in doesn’t affect your personality, it actually does.

Personally, growing up as a “Pako boy” on the streets of sango ota has greatly influenced the way I see and perceive things. I grew up believing some people are happier than me “because they were from richer backgrounds”, I felt bitter about it every time because I thought good things “enjoyment” was made only for them.

This belief I carried denied me so many opportunities to express myself but dear… I learned.

INTIMIDATION:- Oh my! The greatest form of pressure is peer pressure. There’s this aura of intimidation that revolves around people perceived to have it all. You willingly throw off your worth, abilities and capabilities when you see someone of your age bracket as superior to you financially, beauty wise or the way they speak or present themselves.

‘Omo, the fear is real..

Catching your breath around them would seem impossible. I’ve been there trust me.

MONEY :- The truth must be told and I wouldn’t dare tell you otherwise. Money is an important factor that affects your self esteem. Some things are easier and best done with money.

Having low self esteem is not the end of the world, its just a battle that needs to be won, and th

Your personality depends on it, your career life depends on it and finally your life depends on it.

To some people its side effects can be “INFERIORITY COMPLEX” to some it might be “PHOBOPHOBIA” anyways, it leads to self destruction.

Like ‘depression‘, I know quite a lot of people are battling with low self esteem. Good news is it is not a dead battle, you can win!

All you need to do is work on yourself on a daily basis, seek professional advice, drink plenty water and mind your business….



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